Teacher’s Resources

Download TITANIC Teacher’s Resource Materials Below!

Teacher’s Resources

Download TITANIC Teacher’s Resource Materials Below!

Educational Resources

We offer several packages with different options to suit budgets, time constraints, and distancing needs.

Educational Programs:

  • Virtual Field Trips
  • In-Classroom Presentations
  • Outreach Program
  • Assembly Program
  • Online Learning Opportunities


  • K-12 Teachers Guides
  • Student worksheets for all age groups
  • Audio guides
  • Experts in the medical and historical fields
  • Q&A Sessions

Download a free copy of our Exhibition Teacher’s Guide here.

Plan a Field Trip to The Titanic

Viewed by more than 25 million people worldwide, TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition is one of the highest attended in history. More than 350 artifacts recovered from the wreck site of Titanic are on display along with full-scale room re-creations, interactive environments, compelling stories, and exclusive video of how the Titanic resides today. E/M Group operates permanent exhibitions in Las Vegas and Orlando.

Visit the Titanic Virtually

TITANIC: The Virtual Exhibition follows TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition’s 25,000-square-foot journey in Las Vegas. Featuring more than 400 artifacts from the Titanic, including luggage, the Ship’s whistles, floor tiles from the First Class Smoking Room, a window frame from the Verandah Cafe, and an unopened bottle of champagne with a 1900 vintage. In addition, the Exhibition features a piece of Titanic’s hull, a full-scale re-creation of the Grand Staircase, first and third-class cabins, as well as a newly expanded outer Promenade Deck.

TITANIC: The Virtual Exhibition showcases a never-before-seen video of the Ship today, video of the recovery of its artifacts, unique historical facts, passenger stories, and more.

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