Welcome to the Official Home of RMS Titanic!

RMS Titanic, Inc.’s mission is to preserve the legacy of Titanic’s maiden voyage, subsequent sinking, and the memory of its passengers and crew through care and display of our recovered artifacts, comprehensive educational programs, innovative exhibitions, research and recovery initiatives, wreck site imaging and analysis, and ongoing Titanic collaborations.

The Ship of Dreams

RMS Titanic, Inc. was granted salvor-in-possession rights to the wreck of Titanic by a United States federal court in 1994 and is the only company permitted by law to recover artifacts from the wreck site of Titanic. RMS Titanic, Inc., an affiliate of Experiential Media Group ‘EMG’ LLC (“E/M Group”), has conducted eight research and recovery expeditions, with the goal of obtaining oceanographic material and scientific data; and using the data and retrieved artifacts for historical verification, scientific education, and public awareness.

Titanic Exhibitions

With over 5,500 artifacts recovered from the wreck site, these artifacts have been viewed by more than 35 million individuals through the Company’s highly successful exhibition, TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition.