Sheryl shared…

My deepest condolences to your family. May they find comfort in knowing your adventurous, investigative, and educational spirit contributed to explorer and Titanic communities worldwide. Rest in peace, Mr. Nargeolet, knowing you will fondly and reverently be remembered in these circles and missed beyond words.

I had the great honor and privilege to have recently met you. While walking through Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, you overheard a couple asking each other a question about the recovery of an item. You stopped our conversation and not only answered their question, but integrated them into a conversation with all of us discussing in depth. While I’ve watched hundreds of videos, documentaries, and read about you my whole life, your genuine care for helping others truly understand was most evident to me in that interaction. That is my treasured Titanic moment with you that I will always hold dear. Thank you for your immense kindness and willingness to share your adventures with all. You are a Titanic legend!