Muriel shared…

Paul-Henri Nargeolet was a man of conviction, and the Titanic was his reason of being.
An enthusiast to the core, it was in 1987, after the discovery of the wreck, that he laid the first piece of a puzzle that he would strive to rebuild throughout his life.

He was my boss on the Deep Rover submarines from 1995 to 2002. We shared some unforgettable missions (Britanic, Titanic, Jonque de Brunéi, Royal Captain Sholl, Yamato…), and some exceptional moments of life as we discovered this other world, all the more fascinating for being so little known.

I remember a man who never gave up! Passion was stronger than reason. In French waters, such a dive would not have been possible without the classification and certification of the submarine.

My thoughts are with Paul-Henri’s family and friends, especially Julien Nargeolet (also a member of the Aqua+ submarine team).

The 1998 group photo shows P. H. Nargeolet on the left and his son Julien behind me on the right. The other members of the underwater team, J-L. Cordat, J-P. Scoto, D. Poulain, M. Orsi, S. Lallement, J. Vanenbeck.

Muriel Sivazlian