Kendle shared…

George Tulloch was president of rms titanic and Paul Henry naugeolet was a French navy diver known as PH by his friends.The only time I met PH was on the island breeze in 1996 when I was accompanying my mother Edith haisman( brown) and he was with his wife Florence and George and cindy tulloch. When George and PH discovered coal on the titanic they presented a piece to my mother wrapped in plastic and presented in a lovely case. We still have the certificate and treasure that as it was signed by two great men. George Tullock was59 when he passed away he was removed from his burial place and re- buried 21/2 miles down on the titanic wreck and Jack Eaton was buried with him.It was PH that did the dive to bury his friends so you might now say they are now altogether in a place that truely captivated them… and the rest of the world…we must remember the other poor souls who perished. My deepest sympathies to the families
Dorothy Kendle
Southampton UK