Joshua shared…

As a 23-year-old from Indonesia, in Southeast Asia, there are few, if any, opportunities to visit Titanic and other Atlantic liner-related museums. I first heard of Mr. Paul-Henri Nargeolet’s name through satellite television broadcasting foreign channels, and the Internet allows people in the developing world to learn about Titanic the ship (in contrast to the movie).

While people might think “what is the relevancy of studying a 111-year-old ship to our daily lives?”, there are many. It helps us to be thankful for our modern technology/lifestyle, which the Edwardians could only dream of. It helps us to rethink the consequences of poor design and engineering choices and compromises. It helps us to prioritize safety over profit and pride. And, it helps us to ponder upon our mortality and earthly possessions – what is truly necessary and what can we let go of.

Rest in peace Mr. Nargeolet, for you are a true Titanic enthusiast. You spent your final earthly moments, doing what you love onboard the ship(wreck) you love.