Jonathan shared…

I been into Titanic since I was a boy and in the late 90s I saw the documentaries in the discovery channel and PH was in them. I seen many Titanic documentaries with PH. I know he was so passionate to Titanic and he has inspired me. He also helped the Japanese in investigating the wreck of the WWII Super battleship Yamato. Mysteries and secrets surrounded this battleship from the moment of her construction and the Japanese couldn’t pick a better man for the job to uncover theses mysteries and secret than PH Nargeolet. I thank PH for the memories and all he has done in the Titanic community. I wish I had the honor to have met him. My love and condolences go to his family! I hope his family will find peace.
Thank you PH love you, may you rest in peace. God bless.
Jonathan Albright