Emily shared…

I have always had a fascination with the Titanic since I was a kid. I poured over books articles movies documentary’s and the like, wanting to learn more. It was through the lessons of people like Mr. Nargeolet that I developed a deeper respect for it. I remember always hearing about him in many books I read and things I watched and I was so impressed by what he knew and his love for teaching about the history of this tragedy. I was and still am heartbroken by the passing of such a remarkable man. The fact they called him Mr. Titanic himself says it all! Thank you for what you taught me and so many others. You planted a seed for knowledge in our lives and truly paved the way for discovery. We will always remember the enthusiasm, energy, reverence, and passion that you brought to teaching about Titanic. I truly wish I could have had the honor of shaking your hand and listening to your stories…one day!
I pray that you are at peace in Gods ocean with many stories to tell, leading the charge of watching over those who will continue your work. Sail on, Mr. Nargeolet. ❤️