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A poem submitted on behalf of
🎩 Laird of the Manor 🎩

In depths where shadows linger deep,
Where whispers of the ocean weep,
A tale untold, a solemn plight,
Lost souls of darkness, veiled from sight.
Beneath the waves, a silent tomb,
A submarine, forever consumed,
Amidst Titanic’s fateful ground,
Where haunting echoes still resound.
Brave hearts embarked on the unknown,
Their vessel, a world they called their own,
With dreams and hopes, they set to sail,
Into the abyss, where mysteries prevail.
Oh, ocean’s embrace, relentless & vast,
Did secrets of the deep devour them fast?
In depths where light can never reach,
Their souls eternally intertwined, beseech.
Gone are their voices, their laughter, their fears,
Yet their spirits endure through the passing years,
Let us remember these souls unknown,
Whose final voyage forever postponed.
Their valor submerged in the ocean’s abyss,
May their memory rise like a moonlit mist,
To honor the lost, we’ll forever hold tight,
In our hearts, their souls still shine bright.
Though the submarine remains lost in the deep,
Their story we’ll cherish, their legacy we’ll keep,
For the brave souls who ventured into the night,
Rest peacefully, warriors of the watery plight.

May this poem serve as a tribute to the lost souls and their bravery in the face of the unknown.