Barrie shared…

We had a saying in the exhibitions, as was supposedly quoted from Captain Smith himself, to his crew at the end of each voyage for the White Star Line:

“——May you always have fair winds, and following seas…”


Paul-Henri…. PH….

—- The shimmering light you brought to an eternally dark world below the depths; has now lost its effervescent glow. Titanic will never be the same without you. Our community will remember and mourn you for years to come.
Our lives are so very fragile, and you (and the team) have reminded us all of that this week. We will never forget the lessons you’ve taught us, and the incredible universe of exploration and discovery you allowed us to be a part of.

May you…sir… always….have fair winds, and following seas… and may flights of angels lead thee to thy rest.

We love you, always. 💔 Godspeed.